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We always hope and desire to build good business "relationship" and long term partnership.  Together we build solutions based on your needs and not simply for the sake of technology. We combine competencies in IT Integration with the core Enterprise Content Management Systems, and GIS & Mapping Consulting.  Together with your in-house capabilities we hope to deliver the exact solution you need either as a complete package or build piece by piece as your needs and resources arise - Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

BITZ-Q Consulting specializes in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions offering technical services in the project implementation (installation & configuration) of some of the world's best content management systems like Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) formerly Stellent, EMC-Documentum, Interwoven Worksite, and the renowned open-source alternative for Content Management, i.e. Alfresco.


Why choose us? Our work ethics is our only competitive edge, we sit down and listen to you - get your requirements and translate them into our design and final specification.


Immediacy delivers measurable ROI through cost savings achieved by the business benefits, listed below. In the past, the ROI delivered by web site development was hard to measure, if it was achieved at all. The ROI delivered by a Content Management System is both measurable and quickly acquired.


Information is your asset...


Key benefits of Enterprise Content Management solutions include:

  • Productivity increase is typically over 25%

  • Improved compliance to new regulations (e.g. SOX, HIPAA, Real ID)

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

  • Reductions in overall processing costs typically up to 30%

  • Typical ROI payback period is one to two years

  • Maximizes the value of existing system(s)

  • Improves control over and security of organizational processes

  • Enables better and faster decision making

  • Manages vast amounts of data/content across disparate archives


Want to see more benefits of ECM?  Read further...


The value of your company's web site is directly related to the efficiency & accuracy with which your contents and documents can be made available and secure.  Russ Stalters list of potential benefits of ECM in his blog.

  1. Content reuse - creating libraries of reusable content chucks to support various scenarios.

  2. Content reuse part 2 - create content one and publish to various mediums automatically; print, web, etc.

  3. Content integrity - providing versions, security, and records management to ensure that the content employees use is current and correct.

  4. Find the right content - through rich search capabilities users can find the content they want & need.

  5. Optimize business processes that produce content - See #1 above along with document centric process automation to improve the creation, review and approval of various content based products.

  6. Reduce corporate risk - ECM supports compliance with legal and regulatory mandates which require records management and security for certain types of content.

  7. Gain access to all content including paper - ECM imaging capabilities provide easy online access to non-electronic content.

  8. Reduce costs - an effective ECM strategy and solution can ensure that costly mistakes are reduced by employees accessing the correct content (see # 3 above) and enforcing processes which include content.

  9. Improve employee satisfaction - by automating typically paper based processes like expense reimbursement, employee benefits management, and other manually intensive paper based administrative process employees can be better and more quickly served.

  10. Reduce email churn and bloat - by using ECM to store, manage, and preserve content email can now be used for sending messages rather than as a content repository or workflow engine - as many organizations do. Email can now be used to send a pointer to content and notify a user that they should look at the referenced content.


TAKE THIS!  We offer a full-fledged & working Document Management System (Alfresco, Interwoven Worksite, Documentum Content Server)  for FREE, i.e. it comes pre-packaged on a Virtual Environment which you can access, store, and manage all of your electronic documents - it can be for your test & evaluation purpose or even a live production system.  No obligation to buy until you're happy & satisfied, we can then come in and conduct a more rigid business analysis, design & recommend a comprehensive EDMS (Electronic Data Management Systems) application.

To arrange for a product demo on our core products & services, please send us an email and we'll be glad to accommodate your request.

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