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We always hope and desire to build good business "relationship" and long term partnership.  Together we build solutions based on your needs and not simply for the sake of technology. We combine competencies in IT Integration with the core Enterprise Content Management Systems, and GIS & Mapping Consulting.  Together with your in-house capabilities we hope to deliver the exact solution you need either as a complete package or build piece by piece as your needs and resources arise - Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

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IT Integration & Consulting


What is the most useful technological development for smoothing out the IT integration process? The advent and use of service oriented architectures (SOA) and Web services has certainly been the most exciting development in the IT integration arena. The ability to create standardized interfaces on top of legacy systems can greatly simplify the overall integration effort. Building and integrating systems using XML based Web services interfaces is one of the challenging IT integration processes, but it is the ultimate approach during any organizational integration projects.


BITZ-Q is proud to promote InterSystems Ensemble: Ensemble’s object model, shared repository, and development environment provide a consistent, unified view of the underlying systems, applications, and services in a solution – no matter what platforms, languages, data models, storage architectures, network protocols, or other technologies those underlying parts use. Ensemble reduces the complexity typically associated with integration projects, incorporates services and data as needed into different business processes, and drastically reduces time to solution.



Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions:

Organizations need BI solutions that are easy to use for the entire user population, especially those in the bottom portion of the usability pyramid. In addition, they need a solution that mitigates multiple versions of the truth by providing access to a common source of enterprise information and standardized report generation methods. A BI platform is the answer to all of these requirements.


A BI platform leverages BI tools along with other technologies, including databases, data integration, and portals to provide an end-to-end solution for a defined business problem or set of business problems that can be termed a BI application. While BI platforms are implemented by IT professionals, their end result, the BI application, is designed for business users.


Organizations have been led to believe that BI platforms are too complex for their needs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you consider the data integration, warehousing, and end-user training costs associated with BI tools, a BI application built on a BI platform has about the same time to market as a BI tool. And end users embrace easy-to-use BI applications as part of their day-to-day routine, which is arguably the most critical success factor of any application.


This is why BI platforms have far greater success than BI tools. The fact is that most non-technical business users can and will access information through BI applications, which are much simpler to use than BI tools. BI applications leverage reporting technology, Web browsers, and e-mail to make information more accessible to these business users in a comfortable, easy-to-use environment.


For example, today’s parameter-driven BI applications provide users a simple Web interface to navigate to the report they want, much the same way they would find an item on eBay or a book on Amazon. BI applications allow users to easily customize the report by selecting options from pull-down menus the same way they would fill in their address and select their home state or a shipping option from a drop-down list.


Information Builders’ WebFOCUS, a business intelligence platform, is specifically designed to allow developers to create exactly these types of applications.  Click here for the live demo of the product.



BITZ -Q Consulting is proud to promote QUADRED's management consulting product suites, as follow:







Details and more info can be found in QUADRED's Web Site.  Quotations and enquiries can be directed to BITZ-Q Consulting.


BITZ-Q Consulting: A "service-centric" IT Consulting & Computer Professional Services company based in Perth, Western Australia where "service-quality is our priority".  We provide IT products, professional solutions and services like:

  • Computer Systems (New, Upgrade, and DIY Servers/Workstation, Notebooks, Tablet PCs, Printers, etc.) - To enable your employees to have the latest technology that empowers them to be more productive and efficient in their daily tasks.

  • Hardware/Software Installation & Troubleshooting (ADSL, Wireless, LAN/WAN, MS Office, etc.) - To enable your employees to have the efficient and easy way of performing their tasks "anywhere and anytime" resulting to a more productive and effective use of technology.

  • Internet & Web Services (Web Design/Development/Hosting) - Enabling your company to have the web presence which is the most convenient and effective way of marketing your products & services. Most importantly, to be able to stay in touch with your clients 24/7 and also to attract more clients.

To arrange for a product demo on our core products & services, please send us an email and we'll be glad to accommodate your request.

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We don't just think as IT People, we think like Business IT People. "Personalized  but Professional client-driven 'IT' Solutions"


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